Donar, un cambio de vida: comprender la experiencia de familiares que aceptaron la donación de órganos

Rev. méd. Chile 2014; 142 (6): 702-706


Lissette Avilés R
M. Soledad Rivera M
María Isabel Catoni S

Life lessons of eight families donating organs of deceased family members


Background: Most organ donors are already death. Therefore family members become an essential link in the final decision for organ donation. Aim: To get acquainted about the life lessons of people who accepted donating an organ of a deceased family member. Material and Methods: Qualitative research, in depth interviews to eight families that accepted donating an organ of a deceased family member. The interviews were analyzed using the method proposed by Streubert et al and modified by Rivera. Results: The life lessons are described in six comprehensive categories. The painful experience changed towards the feeling that the loved one remains alive. This sensation generated a sense of pride in family members and sensitized them towards the painful experience of other people. Therefore, a desire to help and improve as humans beings was awakened. Conclusions: A compassionate approach towards families donating organs with improve organ donation and humanize the process.

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